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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Charles Stocks focuses on you as if it was our own family.

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Welcome to Charles Stokes

Charles “Skeet” Stokes is a Marriage and family therapists located in Roswell, Ga. He diagnoses and treats mental and emotional issues and concerns within marriages, couples and families. He has over 20 plus years in practice.He is licensed in the State of Georgia as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Counselor.

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Men Issue Counseling

Men’s issues can refer to a number of concerns that may affect mental or physical health and well-being and lead men to seek therapy. Statistically, men do not typically seek therapy in high numbers, but when they do, they generally report the same types of concerns that might lead anyone to seek therapy, such as depression, stress, anxiety, and relationship concerns.

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Group Therapy

A form of psychotherapy in which a group of patients meet to describe and discuss their problems together under the supervision of a therapist.Group therapy attempts to give individuals a safe and comfortable place where they can work out problems and emotional issues. Patients gain insight into their own thoughts and behavior, and offer suggestions and support to others.

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Spiritual & Religious Counseling

Spirituality, a search for transcendent meaning or the belief in some sort of greater existence outside of humankind, can be linked to religion, but the practice of spirituality is generally considered to go beyond religion and link individuals with something larger, such as the universe itself. However, discussion of religion and spirituality in therapy, even to this extent, is still controversial, and many people believe the inclusion of religiously guided treatments may bring about more harm than good

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